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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Roiling Serenity...life reflecting art...

Roiling Serenity one of the most refreshing Plein Air Painting locations ever!  The title, a combination of two social media assists! So much talent out there. Thank you for the title.

Roiling: to make turbid, to move turbulently.

Serenity: the quality or state of being serene.

Instagram Post On Location

The record snow melt that we experienced in California this summer has been epic just about every place we visited.  It was no different at Yosemite, where Roiling Serenity was painted. Husband hiked while I painted. Heavenly.

some of what I have been up to out and about...

setup and layout

our drive over Tioga Pass, in the house on wheels, by-far one of the most beautiful routes that this artist has ever seen!

Historic View Welcomed our Landing with family on the East Side of the Sierras... goal, to capture it as it was 'at that moment'

We found ourselves visiting California, to visit not only the amazing National Parks and Landmarks, but both my husband and i have 'family' out here.  First visit, with my son, next my husbands family on the East side of the Sierras.  We were not even going to come, because, one it was so far away from SW FL, and we had no place to land our home away from home, RV.  Well, not only did all of that fall into place quite remarkably ...we just decided to make this area over here in the eastern Sierras our second 'home sweet home'!   It will build up, and come about in stages.  Stage one in the works and we are thoroughly excited about all the possibilities.  If you would have asked me if i would ever have a home in CA and a Studio out here too... was not even on the radar! We are in the beautiful Eastern Sierras. We absolutely fell in love with this area.  Home Sweet Home shall remain beloved Venice, FL where you will find my historic island of Venice 
working Art Studio: An Original Hitt - Fine Art & Atelier 
Karen Ann Hitt  

When I updated my blog heading picture a few months back, I had no idea how it would in fact be literally area landmarks that I will call home.  Caspersens Beach in Venice, And Yosemite in CA.
For years, 'K.Hitt' was all I used for my name, my sister always lectured me sharing 'k' was not my name, that 'Karen Ann' was my name, so, in honor of her, who just so happens to also have named me, I now go by my full name Karen Ann Hitt

So along with the plans to take paintings from plein air to the studio for upcoming group exhibit this January, and also to work on Portraits of the Many Angels on Earth that have been dear family and friends that have helped me along the way. "Entertaining Angels Unaware" the name of that upcoming and long planned series of paintings. Between the planned and the unplanned,  I feel so blessed to have landed here.  Here, was not even on my radar, or imagined.  GROWing continues! Work, Study, Painting, Visiting with Family continues...  While on this trip, everyday does NOT get to be a painting day, but 'study' and observing' is. Here are a few pictures of all of the above, and all that we have been up to as we HITT the road...

From Studying old and new reference books, Making my own color notes of the changing colors of the same view... and plain ole visiting with family, that is what brought us out here in the first place. 

THIS , quite to our surprise, is our new area to call 'home sweet home too'  In the weeks that we have been here, we have experienced all types of events.  We have seen fire and we have seen rain, we have seen sunny days that we thought would never end (seems I've heard this in song before) The Epic snow melt, had the meadow full of water, and the Horse Tail Falls above Rush Creek Power House, RUSHing- to say the least.  Today, they have the water turned down, to a trickle as they continue their work on the damn wall in one of the lakes behind it.  Behind the scenes in this area are just as amazing as what we see right in front of us.  We fell in love at first sight, and feel so incredibly blessed to find a little lot that we will be able to land our house on wheels onto, where we will be surrounded by family and glorious landscapes. 

this drive over Tioga Pass is literally one of the most beautiful drives this Artist has ever experienced.  Can Not wait to return with PAINT

two brothers looking like twins...

   and this last little video shares some of the epic views we have been blessed to experience. If the video won't play, this first picture still shares what is not the standard view in the valley of Yosemite.   Stay tuned for all the fun steps ahead in art and life... Roiling Serenity indeed- Godspeed