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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Grace Love Fellowship TOUR continues....

Zion's Welcome- K.Hitt - Plein Air Oil- copyrighted
Plein Air Magazine's Out Door Painter On Line Newsletter has honored me, and helped write this post too.  I am Very Honored that Bob Bahr did an article titled "Hitting The Road For Four Months And Painting All The Way" on uh, yours truly. Miracles never cease One thing that came to realize on this Grace Love Fellowship Tour, is that blogging where have no cell or wi-fi is impossible. Not to mention... between the driving, painting, camping, etc... adding to that computer connections, well lets just say that I let that hat go, put on my Plein Air Hat, and enJOYed the Out Doors and kept working.  Here are a few shots from along the way, and an awesome Article that shares even more... Out Door Painter- HITTing The Road...
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K. Hitt, Camping San Juan Mountains...
This picture perfectly illustrates why I have opted to CAMP most of the way on this now 12,000 mile journey.  There is no other way to go to sleep and wake up at the top of the San Juan Mountains and immediately start painting or have a mountain blue bird come roost next to you for company... what else that was neat about this particular spot is that the Mountain now a part of, actually is in my painting painted at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon hundreds of miles away! This mountain range is over 11,000 feet high above sea level.  When you live at 11 feet above sea level in Florida... well, you get the picture

 This... well enough said...

K.Hitt vehicle under the arch
The next photo is of one of the paintings done while staying at Pagosa Springs.  I must share, that have been trying to get to Pagosa Springs for over 7 years now I think, to paint the wildflowers.  Well the Lilacs were in bloom, and many glorious flowers, the wildflowers, not quite at there peak the time spent in this area was more than a JOY! Sincerely could have just stayed, and hope to get back a little sooner this time, like this month :0) to take some of those dirt roads again, literally across the Continental Divide!" Can you say Thank you God"
Spring Elk At The Basin- K. Hitt- Plein Air Oil- copyrighted

The NEXT Painting is a painting of my childhood home and a real treat on this journey.  There is nothing like returning to your birth home after 30 plus years and find it living happily ever after!  On top of that an absolutely adorable newlywed couple now calling it home, invite you in to give you a tour and ask about your mom's rose bush that survived all these years.  I shared with them how my big brother, once lowered my little brother down that laundry shoot! A great time was had by all...

The first image here is titled "Zion's Welcome" and was a real spirit lifter on this journey. One thing you learn on a journey like this, is that though the distance may only be sixty to a hundred miles, when you are traveling at 20 to 30 mph, it takes you awhile to get there!  Well I arrived to set up camp at Zion National Park at Dark.  Any of you campers out there, know that is not the ideal timing.  THIS was my welcome to Zion, literally.  It was almost like I could audibly here, all is well... press on!  And I did.  I don't know that I can pick a favorite, just like the mother of three that I am, have no favorites... Zion is definitely on the top of my list of a place NEED to spend more time painting at.

These are just a couple of the highlights a long the way, many more to come... thanks for being a part of the JOURNEY, Grace Love Fellowship Tour, culminating to the "At That Moment..." Exhibit of both plein and studio painting.
Where I Was Born- K. Hitt Plein Air Oil- copyrighted