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May it be an UP day! k

Sunday, August 21, 2011


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This painting just a quick Plein Air Oil, taken with camera phone, crooked and all.  Concentration of this painting was to try and capture the ever changing sky that night.  It was the same night that also gave the Rainbow above.
All of these photos, are just
Some of the views in the last few weeks...  SUMMER has found me IN more than out and about this year.  Have been blessed with multiple Children Book Illustrating Assignments.  Until the books are published, the images are for the most part between Authors/Publishers and myself.  HOPE will get to share more in the days to come. 
When I do get to enjoy Out And About... the Summer Skies have been like a kaleidoscope... ever changing.  Rainy season seems to even be Rainbow season too. 
Must say also LOVE when the Beach is in bloom.   

Here is one little sneak peak thumbnail sketch of one Children's Book Image Influenced by all these awesome summer skies.
Those of you that have had a class, you have heard me discuss thumbnails a few gazillion times.  No one would build a building with out a plan, its no different with drawing or painting. After the original Composition is explored in a thumbnail, the four basic values are planned within that next.  Each book that I work on... all 32 pages are placed on a storyboard.  On to that storyboard, these little thumbnail roughs... are placed.... that allows the design of the entire book to begin to take shape.  Lots of pages to come.  Hope to see you there as I get to share.  In the mean time will continue to share the out and about
as they present themselves
In all
May it be an UP day!

VAC Workshops have been announced too.  See the Link VAC 
Class schedule should be posted soon.  THIS Year my Workshops are limited due to Illustration demands.  Added a new 3Day Drawing FUNdamentals Workshop early in the season.  It will make a great refresher, OR a great introduction to the foundation to every good work of art... DRAWING. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Studying The Masters

Two of my favorites Jessie Wilcox Smith, NC Wyeth as illustrators
and as painter
John Singer Sargent
Detail of Carnation Lilly Lilly Rose, one of my favorite paintings
This these are how I study.... to finish my work at hand
MULTIPLE Children's Books.  So just as teach in the classroom, am now doing too....  learning from the Master's the 'how to's'

Here is just a few more, added a Powell too.  May it be an UP day!
As we keep learning and yes PAINTING away too!