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Monday, March 28, 2016

Exploring Blessings Part V... How to's of...

First, the  LAST local workshop this season looks at the  
FUNdamentals of Drawing - SEEing Like an Artist                              
Friday, Monday & Tuesday, April 1, 4 & 5 -- 9:30am – 3:30pm The essential of ANY work of art is sound draftsmanship and DRAWING. Learn how to ‘see’ like an Artist, and apply what you have learned to SEE with sound draftsmanship, composition, shape, form, character.
what may look like a scribble is in-fact an artist blueprint... Also known as a 'thumbnail'. Not all of them start the size of a thumbnail, it is just a term. They are essential to planning your work. No civil engineer would begin a bridge without a blueprint/plan... more artist might learn to see how it saves them time in the long run, if they get in the habit of starting with a plan... they will begin to see it as their Artist bridge. It is a lot easier to work out your composition on a small scale, than attempting to do so on your canvas.

We will take lessons from the Masters as you develop classic talents building a strong foundation for your own works of art.  All levels of experience

here is a link to a blog post when sharing about when this painting was in the works

  this is my last local class offered here in SW FL before 

HITTing the road for Tuscan and Plein Air Magazines 

Plein Air Convention & Expo... where I will be sharing MORE how to's with all that register for the Basics Course that I am so honored to be a part of the faculty for!

 Karen Ann Hitt Basics

Whether you are a seasoned studio painter or you’ve never picked up a brush, getting outside to paint can be a daunting challenge. Join Karen Hitt as she shares the FUNdamentals of painting oil outdoors, from setting up to sketching, design, composition, and learning to SEE en plein air — and capturing it all on canvas.
to join me in Tuscan in the Basics Course click here

There is one last adventure here in VENICE FLORIDA Before I HITT the Road, and you even have a chance to win AN ORIGINAL HITT during this NEW SEASON -- In thanks to The Buzz of Venice giving me the great honor of having my painting "Saturday In The Park- Fountain Park" be the cover for the Historical Venice Visitors Map 2016-17you have an opportunity to win the original or a "Heart Of Venice Views" version of it by participating in  Venice Art Walks and An Original Hitt Fine Art & Atelier during the Season.  Drawing is on May 5th at 7pm.  NEXT Art Walk is April 7th 2016 and that is my LAST Night here in Venice before Gary & I HITT the road !

Click on any image here for a pdf printable MAP and flyer

come on out and register to win 

An Original Hitt on April 7th 5-8pm


AND Last but not LEAST the fourth on this HITTing the road agenda... I am honored to be invited to be an Ambassador At Florida's Finest during The Forgotten Coast Plein Air Event in MAY 7-1 ...more of that coming soon.  I hope to see you Out & About HITTing The Road... 

at one of these learning opportunities of the 'how to's of... 

1. FUNdamentals of Drawing - SEEing Like An Artist April 1, 4&5

2. SEEing Your Way To Getting Outdoors- Plein Air FUNdamentals April 14th

3. Venice Art Walk - 12 Studio/Galleries April 7th & May 5th 5-8pm 

4. Ambassador At Florida Finest The Forgotten Coast Plein Air Event May 7th-15th  

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