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Thursday, April 14, 2016

PACE16 begins...

SEEingYour Way to Getting Outdoors — Plein Air Painting FUNdamentals 
             is where I am honored to contribute to this amazing event.  I will be a part of the Basics Course, sharing about Oils.
Whether you are a seasoned studio painter or you’ve never picked up a brush, getting outside to paint can be a daunting challenge. Join me as I share the FUNdamentals of painting oil outdoors, from setting up to sketching, design, composition, and learning to SEE en plein air — and capturing it all on canvas.
to join me in Tuscan in the Basics Course click here

The painting that Plein Air Magazine featured here in this promo is one of my two entries into the Women Painters Of The South East Exhibit.  While we were traveling to PACE16 I received the news that this 20x24 Plein Air Painting won "Outstanding Landscape" The First Painting that i painted attempting this subject, i actually wiped out!  I didn't give up on it though it was a few months later before we were back at this location where I could attempt it again.  It took me multiple sittings to complete it, and I am glad that it did.  The 'Ladies' entered into the scene on day two.  Then, as the corn in the field across the road began to be harvested, it was a perfect time to share a few ears with these two Mares.  They are  the last in the line of a family tradition, making it all the more important to catch them at their ole familiar home-front.  Family. heritage, history are all a part of this particular Plein Air piece. The sentiment in it, could have made it intimidating, and yes daunting.  Too much pressure.  The opposite ends up true though, there is excitement in the opportunity to reflect the scene unfolding before you. This one had an important story to tell. That is not the way that it always is though.
Where one Plein Air Painting, borders on being an illustration, another is simply an attempt to catch a fleeting moment, At That Moment...
"Rhapsody" another Plein Air Oil, was exactly that.  The waves on the shore exploding along with the light catching their every wake... Continuous motion if pondered, could be another daunting task.  Its not though, its simply reflected.  Its only paint on a canvas, and a learning experience.  A gift, if accepted! I personally have been on a mission, to grow as an Artist to meet the next season in life.  Who knew, what all was ahead... it remains a gift that i look forward to sharing with you, on how to see yourself getting Outdoors -- Plein Air Painting FUNdamentals.

THAT is also what i look forward to sharing at PACE16 this year in the Basics Course.  PLUS, I look forward to learning more myself too==  The Plein Air Convention is like going to 30 Workshops in a week.  It doesn't get any better than that!  Add to that the Camaraderie with other Out door Painters... heaven here on earth for an artist. Again, I can not wait to see and learn with so many wonderful artist's!  The best in the world are gathering in Tucson this week!

I hope you will join me at the Basics Course, or Out And About with me as one of the Field Painters too.  I look forward to sharing my perspective on Plein Air Painting with you, and help you to approach it with new eyes, just like me, and peace of mind... 

This, is just one of the views here in Tucson, it just so happens to be our home away from home while we are here...  yup heaven here on earth indeed... Hope to see you soon 

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