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May it be an UP day! k

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

22nd of December... JIMINY! Ok, the stocking ARE hung... with care-

Classes until the new year are wrapped up...

AND it appears Portraits have taken over my plein air time.

THAT is one reason for Plein Air... to get OUT AND ABOUT. It is a WEEEEEEEE bit nippy out there the last few days. Here is one portrait that am working on cuz could not resist her eyes... Campbell is her name. She is still in the WORKS... but sharable.

Have Two Paintings on Display in the Artist Invitational At the Katherine Butler Gallery. http://www.kbutlergallery.com/Templates/calendar.html

Have a NEW SERIES of Fine Art Giclee Posters now available... and mini magnets too for the commercial side of things. "Above Approach" from a Plein Air Oil is the First in the Series of 3 Posters at $55 each, unframed. It is the small picture here. Will post the poster soon. Magnets are printed on fine art rag paper actually in a fine art giclee quality too. Very nice and only 5 bucks.

Lots of NEW CLASSES start in Jan too. See links to the right including two new workshops at the Boca Grande Art Alliance... Many of your favorites, plus lots of new workshops are available at the VENICE ART Center. Don't forget about the up close and personal SMALL GROUP setting of no more than four at the Origianl Hitt Art Group.
Thats all for now.... know the new year will definitely include OUT and ABOUT with the Venice Plein Air Art Group. If you want to join, its free... go to PleinAirFlorida.org for more info on the group.
hope its an UP day! Merry Christmas to YOU! May you be blanketed in JOY!