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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Grace Love Fellowship Tour Added A Leg, And An Arm, And A Leg... and and and

K Hitt with "Cousin's Roots And A Stick"
 Grace Love Fellowship Tour Added A Leg, And An Arm, And A Leg and an arm and a leg... a dozen of each in all, when I was called to deliver Six babies to Nashville Tennessee.  To catch you up on what the tour has been up to now, Plein Air Magazine honored me with an article at their Out Door Painter online magazine: "HITTing The Road..."

K.Hitt, portrait in the works...
What was going to be a 3 dayish stop at my brothers in New Fairfield CT to paint some of the surrounding area that the Hudson River Artist also painted, turned into almost 3ish weeks instead.  Funny truth, it had taken me seven years to get to my brother and sister-in-laws "new" home, and think my sister-in-law was beginning to think it may be seven years before I left!  In fun, but true, they Graciously made it so that I could set up a makeshift studio to work on this commissioned portrait. 
The call to finally do the portrait that had taken photo reference for the day before leaving on GLF tour, couldn't have come at a better time.  One- was in a location that could stop to work on it, Two- had just finished painting all along the way of 12K+ miles, since April en Plein Air, and Third- have viewed many of the main exhibits/museums of Fine Art this great country has to offer.  Besides, traveling specifically to visit the Zorn Exhibit (Boston Massachusetts) and Fetchin Exhibit (Seattle Washington) earlier in the trip, While in CT, took a break after finishing the drawing of the painting to visit NYC area and go to the Sargent Watercolor Exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, The new American Wing and the Civil War Exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Sorolla Paintings and Murals at the Hispanic Society.  I do believe at this season in life, that viewing these Master Artist Paintings has profoundly influenced and effected my painting going forward. One of the purposes of this Grace Love Fellowship Tour, was to learn and grow as an artist myself.  Viewing these great artists works, though humbling at best... to see how Sorolla captured light on his figures, his paintings literally glowed: Sargent with every stroke genius, on and on through the museums, all was literally a very moving experience.  We are so blessed to live where so much is available to learn from!

Once finished the portrait, brother and sister-in-law rewarded me with dinner in Kent and showing me some of the area had hoped to paint while I was there. 
Monday Rush- K. Hitt- en Plein Air at Kent Falls
Kent Falls was a favorite, so made the executive decision that instead of the reward of another NYC visit... opted to do what hadn't done for almost three weeks, GFL tour original plan... paint en plein air and museum visits ! Painted in the morning at Kent Falls, then sister-in-law picked me up and we headed to the Norman Rockwell Museum.

From my Monday Rush en Plein Air... packed and headed on my way for the next added leg of the GLF tour, to deliver the babies to Nashville.  Must say, the drive from CT to Nashville did NOT go according to the plan... good news, arrived safe, with a new set of tires... also got my 'hillbilly' look on in Shenandoah VA... when the very wise shop, couldn't figure out how to lower my spare to replace it, so they strapped the good tire to my back vehicle rack, just so happens right on top of my igloo cooler, where store all the paints.  Knew I should of got the Styrofoam cooler before I left.   Yup, lookin' good twas i...  alas, the NEW tires are GREAT!  Considering the fact that before heading out from CT to Nashville, calculated the miles that had gone to date... you ready for the number??? 12,929.2.  And that was before I drove to Nashville from CT! 900+ miles... Jiminy.   So, as soon as arrived, my Tahoe Delivered the babies! Ha! and it was just like it lost a tire from around its waste!!!

They LOVED the portrait of their babies.  I must say was very honored at how much so,  and how they utterly spoiled me while in-town.   I had never spent time in Nashville before.  They took me to the Blue Bird the first night, and a Piano Bar the next... Great Music, food and wine... and then some.
When i asked my host the question, 'if there was one thing that 'pictured' Nashville to you, what would it be?'- He even drove me there! THAT is a painting that you will see at the
"At That Moment..." Exhibit, that all of this is culminating to.    Last but not least, my host even volunteered to mail my tire to me... it was tough letting go of that one ... hah!- NOT!
Have so MUCH to be THANKFUL FOR!!!  Also picked up another commission portrait while there, and took the reference.  Not due until Christmas... so the TOUR gets to continue!  Yeah.  after turning this into this: the portrait- "Cousin's Roots And A Stick"
By the way, I have another blog post that you may find interesting: Showing Relationships in your paintings:  I also have a workshop at Venice Art Center titled 'How to Paint Children From Photographs coming up in the next seasons catalog. If you have any questions about any of my classes and workshops, feel free to send me an email and will do the best that can to help you out.  Classes don't start again to late fall.  
Where Am I now? Left Nashville Tennessee and their beautiful home after a great visit, and  delivering the grand-baby's to their grandparents just before their parents arrived.  My hostess shared that I simply MUST go see beautiful Franklin Tennessee before I leave the area... she was right. Its beautiful and the Lieper's Fork area of Franklin is not to be missed along with Natchez Trace Drive so have been told.  Have not done the latter yet. Taking a regroup break, as plot my maps for what 'should' be the final leg of this Grace Love Fellowship tour. THAT is to be determined. SO far it has once again been the 'Exceedingly More Than Can Imagine..." blessings.  Landed in another awesome B&B where the entire home is the room, and my first night here, went to dinner where the menu was written in marker on a brown paper lunch sack... folk/blues music was being played, and after left the restaurant- walked past the common grounds area where families were spread out on the lawn watching the outdoor movie night- one of the latest Pixar flixs  Head back to my blessing of a room... that is even doubly blessed... Yes a THANK YOU GOD BARTER!  the owner as sweet as can be loves art... soooooooooooooo that shall do as press on 
on this Grace Love Fellowship Tour, culminating to the "At That Moment..." Exhibit where the plein air painting (field sketches) will be used to paint larger studio pieces.  Here are just a few shots of where I landed.... and what is an added treat, the owner of the awesome gallery three doors down, has a pup, eleven months old named Abby, and Abby looks JUST LIKE my beloved Bonnie Blu that grew alergic too.  TMI... ok, time to say good night/good morning.  Here are a few shots from my home away from home... and from here shall plot what think will be the final leg of the tour...
but you never know.  And always remember Not all those who wander are lost.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien
After landing here at this latest stop... must confess Godspeed is indeed at work here.  That is the title of the next painting.  Friend me on Face Book if you are interested in seeing more of this journey... that is where share almost daily from out and about.  May it be an UP day!  K  
enjoy the pictures