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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Out and About News Events Schedule

The NEW year News Events & Schedule in a nutshell... for more info click on the links in blue
11 Jan 2014 1-3pm Demo Today at the Boca Grande Art Alliance   
On My Easel in the works right now
On My Easel In The Works, sharing in Demo At BGAA today

I will be sharing this process as a part of the demo, along with set up and travels for Plein Air Painting.  I have TWO workshops with the Boca Grande Art Alliance FUNdamentals Of  Drawing- Seeing Like An Artist & FUNdamentals Of Painting for Oils or Acrylics

14-15 Jan 2014 at the Venice Art Center Start To Finish Workshop 616B
18 January 2014 Plein Air Painting At the Venice Farmers Market 9-1pm this is open invitation 3rd Saturday of every month to ALL PLEIN AIR PAINTERS to paint the Historic Downtown Venice Florida Area with other the fellowship of other artist
20-21 Jan 2014 at the Manatee Art Center Start To Finish Workshop
    This Start To Finish Workshop is a signature course that have been sharing with students since 1998.  It is for ALL mediums (Oil, Acrylics, Watercolor, Pastels, Drawing) The class is personalized for each group of students, and designed to show through demonstration and hands on how to take your ideas from concept, layout, to a finished piece of art. Click on titles for more info

3&4 February 2014 3rd on Canvas Art Auction Naples Florida  come see me painting at the Historic area of Naple FL

5 February 2014 Portrait Painting-Emphasis on Children From Photographs 619 Still Life & Wine Night #621 (Both ALL Mediums) at the Venice Art Center


10 February 2014 VAC Talk/Demo 11am  "Painting On The Grace Love Fellowship Tour" Slides/Power Point Plus Demo and Paintings shared from the 21K+ Miles, Solo Plein Air and Museum Exhibits Journey just  took 4/5-9/5 culminating to the "At That Moment..." Exhibit 24 Feb- 20 Mar 2015 at the Venice Art Center

12 February 2014 Adding Life to Your Face And Figure #524 at the Venice Art Center is another Mini Session Workshop
19 February 2014 Advancing The Foundations- FUNdamentals Of Painting II
22&23 February 2014 Fine Art Show And Sale Venice Art Center Booth #7 this the only booth show and sale that do all year.  Come meet and greet and see the exclusive specials for this weekend only. 

This the schedule for January, February and a little of March.  See my Workshop Page for info on all the courses that have available this season.

ALSO Opened the An Original Hitt- K Hitt - Fine Art & Atelier
where Small Group Workshops are offered in Plein Air, and Open Studio Start To Finish style
Limited space contact me at orighitt@gmail.com for more info.  MORE TO COME HERE TOO for sign- up