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Thursday, October 20, 2011

For The Record

"For The Records" a Plein Air Oil that won the "people's choice" in the show it was displayed, reminds me of the awesome surf out at our Jetty of late. 
Enjoy Surfers!(Just a phone camera shot... Sorry about that)

As I post this painting, I remember exactly what and why took up the art of Plein Air Painting...
for the joy of experiencing all of these "For The Records" and recording them for history sake.
Being the founder of VPA, Venice Plein Air, am reminded its time to restablish these MAPs that many in this area loved.  MAPs are simply Meet And Paint!

So, also because have been MARRIED to my studio easel and drawing table of late due to illustration deadlines.... I am also reminded of the importance of 'en Plein Air'
So those of you that are members of VPA, drop me an email if you would like to be a part of the next MAP.
I will send out a month calendar of Three Mondays and One Saturday of places around our area for a MAP
Will also share with you another that facilitates a group that meets a bit beyond our immediate borders on Thurs. mornings.  SO ample opportunity to keep the records straight and keep you outside painting.
May it be an UP day
in EVERY way
Caspersons In Wind And Gray- Plein Air Oil... and one of the first en Plein Air Paintings that I ever did.  Learned all about the wind blowing your easel away that day.