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Monday, March 24, 2014

LEAPing, as the Artist in me just made an executive decision !

 New 'An Original Hitt- Fine Art & Atelier' Studio
21K + miles solo trip to grow as an Artist
Paint the 'Heart Of Venice Views' to a 21K + mile Solo trip Cris-crossing the USA?  Been there done that!...
and save the date 27 Feb 2015 "At That Moment..." exhibit opens, that shares the journey, places & people.  OK,  so,  obviously NO reason to do it again: check. Not to mention, I have an exhibit to finish painting, and a New Studio:  An Original Hitt -K Hitt- Fine Art & Atelier to keep going
BUT... Plein Air Convention & Expo in Monterrey CA is still very much a need to do... in many ways to finish what I have started full circle. So as almost pushed purchase airline tickets, as my last chance to book a flight 14 days out to fly to Monterrey at the discounted price... I stepped away from the button.  The cost, combined with renting a car, shipping supplies, etc. etc.... well- though gas when you drive a Tahoe does cost more, in the long run- so much more will be gained if just drive.  SOOoooooOOooOoOo.... here we go again, in part, and yes, Eric Rhoads, its all your fault!  Well perhaps my willingness to leap too... but excited and terrified at the same time.  

Why? Driving my trusty stead 6000 miles, piece of cake. Financing it... well- not so much.  I keep reading, working, watching... painting... teaching.  It takes time to put a new plan into action.  Though I have been an artist for life- When my youngest turned 22, this single mother of three leaped into high gear to make life choices work together for the good.  Without this turning into a TMI post, will leave it at that.  NOT independently wealthy, don't have investments to fall back on to fund anything, don't have a PR person in my corner.   If i watch my Artist Marketing Bootcamp I & II ten more times will that magically deliver the funds? Probably not. Applying as much as the counsel as possible, combined with Hard work does pay off in the long run though. It hasn't been quite a year since started this journey that titled the Grace Love Fellowship Tour last April 5th, 2013.  Turns out it really is a life long journey.  At the same time there is a beginning and a end to the initial. I made it back home 5 September 2013, only a couple months longer than expected.  The task at hand applying all from the journey is still at work, and do believe PACE continues to play a huge roll in that, and the initial growing as an Artist. It is like going to 30 workshops or more, in a week. So much to learn from all of these Artist. No matter our level of training, there is something to be learned at PACE for each and every attendee.  I still remember being in the umbrella and beginner groups last year ( though not a beginner wanted to learn all possible) and one of the best landscape artist in the country stood in the back to hear a fellow artist' presentation/demo.  They shared that THEY learned something new in the presentation too.  If we are not learning, we are not growing, and quite simply are paintings are not improving.   So that is just one reason why I am getting in my car for another six thousand mile journey.

Because i DO have an exhibit to finish painting, and the marketing to complete for it, and a studio to keep open.  Something that Elaine Adams said while at the last convention, has continually echoed in my mind, a tiny segment of what she shared: "...we help our customers build their collection...".  Frankly, to be in this category of being part of a 'collection' is perhaps a lofty goal, but yet it is not so, as far as in the spirit of why paint.  I don't want someone to just 'buy' a painting of mine.  The whole theme of my upcoming exhibit is why I paint; to transform one to "At That Moment...".  My artist statement shared in the image to the right. 

Boldly will say that I have been working really hard, and there is a lot of work left to do.  Probably a lot of miles to cover also, not just in my trusty stead, but with my brush to canvas.  OK, so, whats my point.  Bootcamp III ahead of me, I & II behind me (or under my belt) its time to do what can do to keep the momentum full speed ahead.  So, was going to have a art raffle to raise gas funds.  Then I read this blog post by fellow artist friend on FB: broader economic implications of donating your art

That honestly gave me pause.  Would I like to raise funds still in a energetic fun for all way, that hopefully is a win win for both new and old collectors (note used the word collectors) alike? YES.

SOoooooOOoooooooOOOooooo.... leaping to discern wisely just how to do that NOW, because simply now is the need at hand.  Plan to HITT the Road no later than April 2nd. So, to help send me off, and yes, perhaps even help fuel the trusty stead of a Tahoe too in the process on 
  March 31st is studio OPEN HOUSE at the 
An Original Hitt- K Hitt -Fine Art & Atelier.  Plus will work to keep the spirit of it being an added win win for us all.What would a gathering be without a good ole raffle? SoooOOoo lets have a 50/50 Raffle. Drawing will be Monday evening at 8pm. If you purchase three Tickets to the Raffle, you get Ten Percent off  An Original Hitt- K Hitt -Fine Art & Atelier purchases.  That can really add up to quite a lot! Gift certificates are available too, if you can not quite decide, discount applies, will just add it to the face value of your gift certificate.  Gift certificates may be used toward art or instruction at the Studio.  Doors open at the Studio at 8 am for this special day... 
to fuel HITTing the Road. You do NOT need to be present to win. 
So come help me HITT the road again pretty please.  Raffle tickets available on-line or at the Studio all this week up until 7:58pm Monday 31 March 2014. Tickets are fifteen for one, forty for three, Eighty Five for Seven.  Don't forget three gets you ten percent off at the Studio on all purchases before the raffle. See the PayPal link below to purchase on line.  Or come see me at the studio to purchase them in person.  If you purchase on line, I will send you a digital image of your possibly winning tickets via email, so make sure that you provide me with your email address.  Three Percent is added to all on line purchases and all charges to weigh the processing fees.
Raffle Tickets, Drop Down Button for more options:

Raffle Tickets one, three of seven

Monday, March 3, 2014

- Images of stages of a commissioned portrait & Another FIRST for An Original Hitt- First Monthly Newsletter

Portrait Painting: Emphasis on Children From Photographs:
that is the theme and title of an upcoming one day workshop. Little ones are not known for sitting still, and sometimes your only option for painting them is from photographs.  And usually multiple ones at that.  The key is learning to discern what to keep and what to edit, and to still paint in a manor that you add life to the reference, moving it beyond the photographs... 
I am just about done with my 5th commission portrait of almost too adorable to believe lit'l ones.  This is a big sister with her little brother.  I think I like calling this one Baby's Breaths.  I am going to let the pictures do the talking for me.  Feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments.   Another great foundational place to begin learning to do your own portraits is DRAWING and learning to SEE Like an Artist.  That is the theme of a two day workshop coming up Monday at the beautiful Boca Grande Art Aliance, right on Banyan Street.  See calendar below for more on that.  Click on any of these images to enlarge them.  Look forward to seeing you soon... Out and About.
"Baby's Breath's" In the works... by K Hitt Oil copyrighted
  An Original Hitt March  Calendar :
·       5 March: Still Life & Wine at the *VAC: It’s a bring your own,  for a casual night of learning  to paint the still life in your medium of choice.  A lot of fun, last time the gals brought munchies to share too.  I will supply the still life’s and instruction, if you wish to partake of any of them,  you bring your own for that.
·       6&13 March: Small Group at the Studio for  Start To Finish This is a very small group, with a very limited availability.  Maximum of 5 students’ total. The class is set up in a 3 week format, meeting on Thurs. from 1-5pm.  This Thursday the 6th, there is actually an opening for two students.  One student registered is back in Italy, and another is out of town too.  So am trying to fill their spot for them.  There is also space for one student on the 13th.  Contact me for details and/or to reserve asap.  
·       10 & 11 March: FUNdamentals of Drawing- SEEING Like An Artist-2 day workshop at the *BGA A. Drawing is the essential foundation to every good work of art.  The first step to understanding this is learning to see like an artist.   A strong emphasis will be on basic skills, helping you to advance to sound draftsmanship and the ability to “SEE” with an artist’s eye. More at: http://www.bocagrandeartalliance.org/drawing/product/136-fundamentals-of-drawing-seeing-like-artist
·       12 March: Portrait Painting- Emphasis on Children From Photographs at the *VAC- one day workshop.

·       12-26 March : FUNdamentals of Drawing II- Advancing The Foundation – at the *VAC 3 weeks, Weds 6-9pm  

·       15 March - 2nd: Annual “Artist Acres” Plein Air Paint Out in Englewood FL

 19 March : Featured Guest Artist at the Venice Yacht Club
                             for their annual FINE ART EXHIBIT reception 6-9 pm 

·       20 & 21 March: 2 Day workshop-Start To Finish*VAC   

·       27&28 March: FUNdamentals of Painting- 2 day workshop at the *B G A A- Acrylics or Oils: This course provides beginning level instruction in acrylic or oils helping you build a strong foundation in the medium of your choice.  More info at: http://www.bocagrandeartalliance.org/oil-painting/product/124-fundamentals-painting

29 March: 1st Annual Plein Air Event in Jupiter, FL:

For more information on any of these events or times please see subheadings at the top, if you have a question of a specific subject: i.e., workshops/classes/instruction
*VAC is Venice Art Center- 941.485.7136 -- 390 Nokomis Ave S. enice, FL 34295
*BGAA is Boca Grande Art Alliance- 941.964.1700 – 236 Banyan St. Boca Grande, FL 33921
For more information on any of the material covered here, please feel free to contact me. 

ps. Calling ALL  Plein Air Painters 1st and 3rd Saturday, we have been  welcomed to the Venice Farmers Market to paint,  including this  third Saturday 22 March 2014.  Market runs 9-1pm.  Lots of historic downtown Venice Views.
 I will be at a wedding shower so happy painting for me.