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Monday, February 25, 2013


Ok, JUST about done unpacking my Tahoe from the weekend show.  THANK YOU to ALL that came to show your support!  What's happening this week Out and About:
Two classes, and Two Shows!  
One class is filled, think there are just a few spots open in the: .
#616A -Portrait Painting: Emphasis on Children from photographs- All Mediums Refresher Course
Feb 28    Thursday  12:30-5:30pm
How do you capture that little face you love? Children’s expressions are genuine... and a great joy to capture in art. Though the fundamental of all portraits will be discussed... advancing in how to achieve beyond an accurate depiction of the color of the eyes and hair will be explored; matched with learning how to add greater expression and personality to all of your portrait work. Come explore the possibilities, open to all mediums.for more info call the Venice Art Center at 941.485.7136

Two Shows One Group:
Light Chasers 2nd Annual  
& Light Chasers Plein Air Event
click on either image to enlarge and for more details.
I am so looking forward to getting out and Plein Air Painting Tuesday And Wednesday for this show.  The wet paintings by all the artist will be turned in at 10am Thursday Morning to be put on display at the garden of Art Center SarasotaThe Gala for the Two shows begins at 5 pm on Thurday Feb. 28th.  Morgan Samuel Price is the Judge.  She and five others will be in a show for Light Chasers on March 1st.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Only ONE...

only do one of these a year, and this is it... 
booth #7
Saturday & Sunday
February 23 & 24th 9am to 4 pm
12th annual Fine Art Show & Sale 
Venice Art Center
390 Nokomis Ave. S.
island of Venice, FL 34285 right next to the library 
 NEW paintings
  • Limited Edition Canvas Giclees 
  • Heart of Venice -fine art giclee series
  • Fine Art Cards and Gifts
  • Children's Books
  • magnets even 
  • Gift Certificates
something for everyone, in every price point
and if you were ever thinking of acquiring
An Original Hitt
this is always a good weekend to do that because everything is marked with special "this weekend only" pricing.
and if you can't decide, will even offer 
Gift Certificates:
5% off    1-500.00
10% off 501.00 and up
to be used for future purchases of An Original Hitt
or PRIVATE art lessons too
so you can still give the gift of ART  
(this the sale of the year of all my inventory)   


Monday, February 11, 2013

Seeing Like An Artist- Start To Finish

I will be giving a demo- lecture at the Venice Art Center Wednesday Feb. 13, 2013 at 11am, titled:  'Seeing Like An Artist- Start To Finish' . At the demo/lecture,  will be able to elaborate more on this subject ...and hope that you will get to learn something new in the process too by attending.

In a passion to teach fine art to all that are interested in hearing my humble ways of approaching multiple subjects, this demo lecture title, remains pretty much the broad key, to feeling satisfied with any of our drawings, and paintings.
It is in discerning what we see, its application of composition, shapes, values and temperature... summarizes in its simplest form what we do when we approach a blank canvas or paper.
The other detail needed to apply to this knowledge is of course desire and/or emotion.  With that you need to remember always 'why' the decision was made to paint or draw that particular subject.  In this also  lies the Start To Finish aspect of the process.  Its important to not lose the 'why' along the way of the process of starting or finishing your work of art.  Applying both of these hopefully enables greater success to not only the process, but also the finished piece of art too. 

So, How to begin, is even in the why to begin, and in answering that why, hopefully the details applied with the eye of an artist will bring a finished result, that only adds positively to the emotion that brought you to the subject to begin with. 

When we begin, beyond the emotion of why to begin and apply some of the foundational basics of seeing like an artist to our work, we should seek to discern 4 things:
1. What makes a good composition to tell this story on canvas
2. What are the big shapes involved in composing that compostion
3. What are the values on a scale of 1-10 of these shapes
4. What is the temperature of that value, warm or cool.

Simple as that!  Right? Well actually it is.  A popular artist's term is 'dummy up' That is not to say that seeing like an artist is to 'dummy up' (humor folks) but it is to say that we are not only trying to draw what we KNOW is there, we are trying to reflect what we SEE is there.  Along with that we hope to compose in a manor that someone else will want to spend time exploring the same view that caught our eye, and that it will make a positive emotion on them too, when they see it. 

Obviously this is just the dipping into deep subjects... but one place that it is very true that sometimes "less is more" is in a beautiful work of art.  In this, I will be taking example from the 'Master' Artist, such as Sargent, Cassatte, Zorn, Homer, just to name a few... and yes of course earlier in DaVinci Michangelo, Vemeer, Turner... the list is wonderfully awesome of whom we can study from and take lessons from their works.  I will attempt to share at least a piece of that knowledge with you at the talk on Wednesday by elaborating on these 4 areas in further detail... and just how to apply them to seeing like an artist.  Remembering its all in my humble observations of all have learned over the years..  Hope to see you there.
Listed below are also some of my upcoming events, classes and workshops where you can learn more  too.
Upcoming Shows and Exhibits:
  • 12th Annual Venice Art Center Fine Art Show & Sale 
Saturday and Sunday February 23&24, 2013 9am to 4pm 
at the Venice Art Center 
390 Nokomis Ave. South — Venice, FL 34285
Telephone - 941•485•7136
I ONLY DO ONE BOOTH SHOW LIKE THIS A YEAR.  DID 3 New paintings just for this show AND will have special "this weekend only" pricing on many things at this annual show too. 

  • Light Chasers 2nd Annual Show
click on any image to enlarge

  • What??? The Whodunit 2013 ~ the best party on the island and a chance to win one of more than 60 original artworks by recognized local artists.  
    Win a painting, wall sculpture, mosaic and more new media this year!

    When??? 6 p.m. Saturday (Feb. 16) 
    Where??? Crowninshield House Boca Grande FL

    Sneek Peek preview!!! 2 p.m.-4 p.m. Crowninshield.

 Upcoming classes at 
Venice Art Center and Boca Grande Art Alliance:

Venice Art Center:
  • #615CStart To Finish- ALL mediums, 
all Levels WORKSHOP Feb. 18,19,20  Mon, Tues, Weds. 1-7pm
This class is designed to take the essential foundation of strong drawing skills, composition, value, capturing light, color theory and expression to a finished work of art. All of these will be
explored in depth, to take your creative ideas from start to finish.
This is an ongoing study divided into sessions. Regular still life and/or a live portrait model on occasion will be set up, or you can work on the subject of your choice. Demonstrations will also be done by Karen to accompany current student’s works.
A strong emphasis will be on classic techniques, while exploring and learning from the “Masters” works of art. This four hour class time, in the three week format gives the students greater time to stay on task with their projects at hand.  All Mediums are welcome in this open studio atmosphere.  It is a great opportunity to explore the variety of mediums available (Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Pastel, Graphite)… with all of them being used and demonstrated throughout the workshop as each student is individually worked with.  Each session is personalized for the students on hand.  Supplies needed are each student’s medium of choice and drawing materials.  The class is Designed to work with the students supplies on hand.  Karen’s color palette is available on her supply list.

  • # 613 Advancing The Foundation-FUNdamentals of PAINTING II- 
Acrylics & Oils(3WK)- Feb 28- Mar 21 (NO CLASS 3/7)
This class is designed to further build and enhance the methods and techniques of the student who has been exposed to acrylic or oil painting.  Students will be assisted individually in the development of their skills and execution of these very versatile mediums.  Demonstrations will be given by the instructor to aid students to their understanding of the processes of composition selection, color theory, advanced design elements and execution.  Classic Renaissance palette and techniques will be explored… discovering and taking examples from the Masters.  area the focus in advancing the foundation of your painting... 

  • #616a Portrait Painting: Emphasis on Children from photographs- 
All Mediums Refresher Course- Feb 28    Thursday                1-6pm
How do you capture that little face you love? Children’s expressions are genuine... and a great joy to capture in art. Though the fundamental of all portraits will be discussed... advancing in how to achieve beyond an accurate depiction of the color of the eyes and hair will be explored; matched with learning how to add greater expression and personality to all of your portrait work. Come explore the possibilities, open to all mediums.
One Day Workshops

Also have Two upcoming Workshops in March at the 
Boca Grande Art Alliance
March 7-8 Th Fri 10:00- 3:30 “The essential foundation to every good work of art is DRAWING! “--KH   Build a strong drawing to stand on its own or to use in executing other works of art.  The emphasis will be on classic and basic skill-building to help advance students to their next levels. Learn how the practice of observation can serve to represent with expression. Fundamentals of line, form, depth, gesture, light and shadow, perspective and some masterly secrets will be revealed. All will compliment a sound understanding of planning a well-composed drawing. Use graphite, ink, charcoal, Conté crayon: You choose!
Fee: $185 ($210 Non-members)
March  13,15    Wed.  Thur.  Fri. 10:00 - 3:30 NOTE March 14th Thurs. 3- to sunset, on location for Instructor Demo and students on hand location, closing the day with critique and refreshments. This outdoor painting class is for all artists using 2-D mediums who wish to take their work beyond the studio to explore the genre of painting plein air.  Designed to start in the studio then on site, this class will focus on the fundamentals of painting –such as composing, applying color theory principles, capturing light, how to imply motion, and releasing your self-expression.  These essentials apply in studio and plein-air practices-however we take advantage of the beautiful local vistas to begin and complete a painting or drawing creatively using both. Use any medium: oil, charcoal, acrylics, pastel. You choose
Fee: $ 275 ($300 Non-members)