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Sunday, August 30, 2015

EXPLORE BLESSINGS: Part IV Painters Paradise Plein Air How To's

Explore BLESSINGS: Part IV next in How To series, continued from "You Be The Judge..."; Part II: How to make your own Painters Paradise & Part III: How To's of Plein Air Painters Paradise
replace rock after you share your hands on it
Find This Rock in the Grand Tetons National Park
 Plus Adding a CONTEST-win 5 Day Workshop Explore Blessings Contest No purchase necessary, all you have to do is EXPLORE Blessings to Win, and send a picture to me showing that you found the ROCK !  HINT: 
40 paces!  
Gary had the idea to leave a mark, to see if we can find it when we return again.  He had me sign my name on a cool Rock he found, while I was Plein Air Painting the GRAND TETONS. Why not see if others can find it too, AND make it a contest?  So.... in an effort to get others out to explore, to enjoy the blessings that The National Parks are, and discover this view for yourself... Gary's mark, is now your opportunity to be blessed too!  Not only with a view, but with a Painting Workshop too* !
I love the 
National Parks, and 2016 marks their Centennial !!!  In honor of that, and what just may be my new favorite National Park, Grand Tetons National Park...  first time explored, is on this USAHoneymoon, If you have further questions on this little contest, send me an email, and I will reply asap and/or click here.  The photos are your clues as to how to find the spot that the rock is at.  Again, the hint of 40 paces.  Along with that, note 4 wheel drive.  Check out the title of the painting too... for a further clue.  Good luck on this win win... getting out to explore more of the Grand Teton National Park.  I am very curious how many will even take on the challenge... 

Next some "How To's" for you in this Part IV of Painters Paradise.  This outing was a learning experience for me too.  While visiting Jackson/ Jackson Hole, Wyoming, home of Grand Tetons National Park, i sought out learning experiences for myself too.  
Two of those stops:  
1. the premiere Tetons Painter, Jim Wilcox Gallery, and 
2. the National Museum of Wildlife Art.  
Both inspired me to take on new challenges, just as I hope I am doing for you too.  

First, Jim Wilcox, is not only a great painter, he is brilliant as an inventor out of desire too.  He invented the 

Soltek Easel 
Some of the things that make it special; is the easels ease of set up, its strength in the wind, and its ability to hold large plein air pieces.  I ended up putting all of these to the test on my humble attempt to paint both the Snake River, and the Grand Tetons Range. Two things never done before.  On top of that we took a 4 wheel access only drive to get to this location. Most of you know of my handicap, of two reconstructed knees.  Though i would LOVE to climb a mountain, I simply cannot.  The jeep or other ways of 4 wheel driving gets me to places i wouldn't have been able to get to before.  If you don't own one, a lot of places will rent you one... just a thought. 

Day 1 -Snake River Bend, check. Grand Tetons, will have to be taken on in round 2, of impromptu

well, the winds on day two for round two of this view, gusted to about 20mph.  When we initially headed down this highway, the day before, it was to explore.  Well... um as a plein air painter, the

Day 1 Snake River Bend; check. Sun going down, forced time.
view just couldn't be ignored!  Gary was a dear, as I began to impromptu set up my gear.  I had both of my easels with me. Both my beloved Mini Strada, and my New Soltek ( **#3 on my list).  Along with that a 16x20 hanging out in the back seat since we arrived at the Tetons a week ago.  To save time, I nabbed my **Mini Strada, and today just used it as a palette, because it was already loaded up with paint.  BUT this view was tooooo Grand for a little panel, soooooo the 16x20 came out, and therefore my NEW **Soltek too. (Note the mini with an extension can hold a 16x20 too, just liked the excuse to try this new) 

Day two, Sun came out after all... and we raced back to this spot with a packed snack and Gary in hiking gear this time too.  Rocks, were added to brace the Soltek legs.  I don't think they were needed, but my creature of habit to weight something down kicked in with the wind. 
this the finish... "Snake River Bend At Grand Tetons" by Karen Ann Hitt

 Above, how the painting came out of the trunk, though weighted, and 'thought' all hazards tucked underneath.... well, after a very rugged FUN drive back in the Jeep... this the result.  Dirt, bag, and paper towel magically appeared ... into the painting too.  ALL is fixable, lesson though known before trying... thoroughly learned.  THIS WHY SHOULD ALWAYS USE #18 or the like on my list**: RAYMAR Wet Painting Carriers.  I didn't have one in a 16x20.  Not traveling in my 'trusty steed' that has ample area to lay down a wet painting... i tried something new... and  re-learned what works best.

before, loaded into trunk under evening light
after, a little beat up but fine...

the view of the drive home!

 how the jeep looked in the morn, as went out to open up the trunk to see how the painting survived.  All is well, and fixable indeed. The lead picture that was shared at #7 on the list**, also shows my carrier usually used.  I will next time! The drive home so much FUN, again, all fixable and all worth it.  Sharing here so you don't have to learn the lessons the hard way...

 This leads me to the next part of the how to do's.  NEXT taking example from the paintings viewed at the National Museum of Wildlife Art.
While at the museum, a HUGE pleasant surprise, AND a great learning envirionment too.  Next i will let the pictures do the talking.  My hope to try this approach on my next adventures here.  If time allows, a hike to a lake that Gary also has some awesome references for me of too.  Resources can come in all shapes and sizes.  I do believe that Plein Air Painting in itself, has completely awakened these eyes in how to see!  Years ago, i went out with a paint box, and stantec easel.  Simply using what I had on hand, an got myself outside.  Also originally just to get out, because often worked on commission portraits alone in the studio, of children from photographs.  Something that I still love to do, but the plein air painting has enhanced that side of my work too.  LIFE simply brings to LIFE all that you do.  GET OUT AND EXPLORE AND LEARN ALL POSSIBLE... no matter how professional and experienced you are... there is so much MORE out there.  Hope to see you soon.  And I can NOT wait to see if anyone finds the ROCK!   
Pictures from the Museum:
1930 version of Plein Air to Studio... before the time of the fanciful name of plein air.  OUT DOOR painting, was simply titled field sketches.

the plein air... field study
 Just as this professional artist found new ways to branch out and reach new professional avenues... we each have that potential to grow as an artist to meet the next season in life too.  This is my 3rd year into this three year mission of concentrated studies to do just that.  With all the new added, beyond the original plan, the key remains: "the journey IS the destination" - Godspeed indeed.  Hope to see you out and about.

If you would like to see any of my classroom/workshop opportunities coming up this new season; visit this page: WorkshopClasses

email: orighitt@gmail.com 

* * My List:
1. Rosemary & Co. Brushes.
see last post (Post II) for more on each brush loved

2. Guerrilla Brush carrier
3. Strada Easel 
    and added a new one too Soltek Easel 
4. M. Graham Walnut Seed Oil Paints
5. Shade Buddy Umbrella
6. Tripod
7. Car Window Shade Screen
8. Back Pack
(misc. bungy cords, clamps, etc.)
9.Bug & Sun Stuff
10. Sunscreen Shirts
11. Smart Wool Socks
(Out Door Studio)
12.Screened Gazebo
13. stool
14. Easel ( for larger panels)
15. Stan Rite Portable Easel
16. outdoor mat
17. portable Table
18. Raymar Panel Carrier
19, Revelite EL light

*if you can't make a 5 Day workshop, a comparable trade will be made for you to still enjoy the
*Prize:  Intensive Oil Painting FUNdamentals study Workshop
January 25,26,27,28&29, 2016
*waiver: not responsible for any expense, injury, loss, etc. of any kind as you explore. PLEASE keep it fun :-)

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