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Monday, August 3, 2015

Part II: How to make your own Painters Paradise

"Painter's Paradise" Part II: You be the Judge... who knew how much life would change... 
"How To's" post, sharing a bit of what i have learned along the way on the 3 year journey to grow as an artist to meet the next season in life! With that said, I make no claim to be an expert; simply sharing what have learned along this journey.  What works for me and yes, what doesn't 
Starting first with the right tools. Here is this artist list.  My Painting "Painter's Paradise" surrounded by a few of them. First share, Part II:
1. Rosemary & Co. Brushes.  I am not just saying this, they seriously have enhanced my ability to paint tenfold.  Everyone has their favorite brushes.  These are mine.  Look at "Painters Paradise" here, I layed certain brushes in places that I might have applied their use.  Another key, that i ALWAYS say to students, I do NOT want to look at your painting and know exactly what brush you used to paint it... they are TOOLS not crutches.  A good brush frees you up to paint. Every brush picture shared here, is a Rosemary & Co. Brush.

THIS is a NEW, I haven't tried this Rosemary &Co. new line yet, but asap i am going to! Its a synthetic, that I think will be affordable, especially for the beginner.  NOTHING can replace having proper tools.  Painting is hard enough without working against yourself, by not giving yourself every available advantage.  This spoken by a single mom, who has had to make every penny count.  I learned years ago, the investment goes further buying the best you can afford, verses saving pennies on cheap replacements for the best.

Ivory Long Flats
Masters Series 279 Long Flats
These two pictures of brushes, are the two main brushes that i currently use.  If your budget needs to edit, this may be your answer. 
These fan brushes pictured below are very useful, especially for me with my sky work, or mist in water; read their caption.
Fan Brushes are a tool,
not a vice.

the six pictures above show two other types of brushes that i like to use.  To the left are angles at different degrees.  They work for edges, and also i use the sword and the daggers for foliage and grasses a lot.  Prices are very very reasonable on all of these.  The pointed, round brushes are a long time staple.  What I love about the red sable rounds, is that I use them for both my oils, and my watercolor painting.  The long riggers are excellent where a palette knife doesn't do the trick.  Again, see the painting pictures shared to give you an idea of how apply these favorite brushes to my painting processes.  These are just my suggestions, in my humble opinion.  
"Painters Paradise" and Rosemary & Co. Brushes

  excited about another in the works.. sets hope to be adding at "An Original Hitt - K Hitt - Fine Art & Atelier" 230 Ponce de Leon Ave. Venice FL 34285

This next picture is one of my greatest honors on this journey, when Symi, with Rosemary &
Karen Ann Hitt & new patron Symi Jackson with Rosemary & Co. Brushes
Co. Brushes chose to surprise me at the Lighthouse Paint Out by purchasing my little painting anonymously... and keeping her being my newest patron a surprise until the last night!  Exceedingly more than i could ever hope for or imagine keeps meeting me along the way.  A lot of thank you's, especially a great big thank YOU God.  See you at the next... "The Journey IS our destination" Part III   

Part III I will get into a few more of my favorite things that make my work easier and what I have learned with all these miles traveled, from personal experience, friends, peers, muses... along the way.  There are a LOT of great resources out there. These shares,  are but a few of the possibilities.  Learning more everyday.  Stay tuned for part III where begin to break down more of this list, as we all get ready for back to school. 

2. Guerrilla Brush carrier
3. Strada Easel
4. M. Graham Walnut Seed Oil Paints
5. Shade Buddy Umbrella
6. Tripod
7. Car Window Shade Screen
8. Back Pack
(misc. bungy cords, clamps, etc.)
9.Bug & Sun Stuff
10. Sunscreen Shirts
11. Smart Wool Socks
(Out Door Studio)
12.Screened Gazebo
13. stool
14. Easel ( for larger panels)
15. Stan Rite Portable Easel
16. outdoor mat
17. portable Table
18. Raymar Panel Carrier
19, Revelite EL light
Speaking of Back To School, here is my list 
Workshop & Classes to date.  
This too will be updated by part III.  Until our next!

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