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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Only ONE a year and this is it...

Only do ONE booth exhibit a year and this is it; to honor the Not For Profit Venice Art Center
Come see me at booth #7
I will be revealing the next "Heart Of Venice Views" Fine Art Giclee image... this the 5th year now...
Come see me at booth #7 ...where 'An Original Hitt' is given for this weekend only a really great price. Giclees, Cards, gift certificates available too... (And yes booth #7 is inside)

I will be giving a special discount on gift certificates- if not ready to decide now, or commissions. 
5th in the Series makes it preview 2/22/14@VAC

Another date to save is a mini workshop that have coming up on Portrait Painting- Emphasis on Children From Photographs on March 12th also at the Venice Art Center. (see link for all classes coming up)
Young children and babies unless napping don't quite comprehend the 'sitting' aspect. Bringing 'life' to the photo reference without making simply a duplicate of a photograph is the challenge with these portraits that am blessed to get to do. Nothing more fun than capturing children's truly genuine expressions. If there is a lit'l one you have been wanting to paint this mini workshop coming up on March 12th at the Venice Art center may be just what you are looking for. 
Or if you prefer the painting done for you, am also available for a limited number of commissions
basic pricing is at the link, or commission page here.  Here are a few of the step by steps of a portrait am working on now.  Should be able to see the finish piece this weekend at the Venice Art Center booth #7  Plus will have on display this piece of the figure that was done mostly en plein air.
Birth of a Timeless Scent- K Hitt - Plein Air Oil

21K+ mile solo journey 4/5-9/5/13
on the Grace Love Fellowship Tour.  A 21K+ mile solo journey   
(click on any image to enlarge)  


Oil Portrait in the works by Karen Hitt 

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