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General Commissioned Fine Art / Portrait Price List
Size        *Portraits     Additional Figures    ¾ figure    full figure
8x10        $650           +$100per                     +$50        +$60   
11x14        $950          +$100per                    +$60        +$75
12x16        $1100          +125per
16x20        $1595        +$125per                   +$75        +$90
18x24        $2150        +$125per                   +$90        +$105
24x36        $4225        +$150per                   +$90        +$105
30x40        $5775         +$200per                  +$105      +$120
in general for all paintings including
Over 30x40 = Sq. in. x’s 5 with additional for figures $175-$300 and depending on the paintings complexity. 
Prices do not include framing.
*Portrait prices vary with the number of subjects, backgrounds, and portion of figure or figures included in the image.

Example of Additional Charges:
•    $50 for lace, and/or intricate clothing.
•    $50 to 900 for background other than simple vignette, depending on the complexity and size of the painting, i.e. beach, landscape.

Terms are:
•    25% down upon commission.
•    next 25% at approval of Composition/Sketch for painting.  Allow minimum of 4-6 weeks for     finish after  approval.  If you need by a specific date, be sure to specify at time of commission. Deposits on custom orders or personal commissions are in good faith and non-refundable.
•    Balance of Full payment due upon completion of painting.
•    Larger than 18x24 or more complex portraits require another 25% payment midway through the project, leaving a balance of last 25% due upon completion (payment plans available too if requested)
 •   Upon completion, the client has 10 days to request minor changes.
•    Prices do not include sales tax, framing or additional expenses, such as shipping, travel etc.

Prices may vary depending on complexity of work, this covers general pricing guidelines.
Will work with you in pricing to personalize for your needs

email orghitt@gmail.com
sample images of portraits
click on any image to enlarge.  All images copyrighted
Breath Of Life 20x24

Campbell 12x16
Boys Exploring The In And Outs Together 24x30
Emma 16x16
Catherine 5x7

Peek A Boo 8x10
True Story 12x16

Daddy's Breath 11x14

Nah Na Na Nah Na 18x24

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