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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sharing the GIFTS given...Gift one of Four and much more

Six shipments of panel backings arrive...!!!
As prepare to complete first commission painting in my OWN studio in over 6 months, it feels good.  It also feels good to receive the foundation of my next year of painting on my doorstep.  The base for the panels making up predominately for the "At That Moment..." Exhibit.  The backing for 40 panels in this shipment.  Included in that the backing for some custom sized commission work too.
Before beginning the painting process anew in the studio, after experiencing the greatest learning experience and journey in my life... thought it might be wise to spend a little time reviewing.
There is a LOT to review, to say the least! Where to begin in itself when covering the 21k+ miles, sometimes not so easy to put ones finger on.

SO, I have opted to begin with the question: "What were the greatest GIFTS given on the journey, and how am I to continue to apply them in a worthy manor?" Over the coming entries here, will go over each gift in greater detail, as also share the current paintings am working on, and workshops and classes available. 
Gift 1. 
Plein Air Convention & Expo!
Besides the draw of all the top artist and demos on hand of the convention, what prompted me to take the leap was two additional things.  Boot Camp II Presented by Eric Rhodes before the convention; and the Expo.  The DVD of what we were blessed to experience (IF we got to our chairs by 6:15 am
Boot Camp II at Convention

every morning of the Convention) is now available.  You just so happen to have the chance to win an ipad if you fill out Eric's survey there too.  The link to it above.  The Boot Camp, played a huge roll in why felt the journey of the Plein Air Convention & Expo was important for me to take in this season of my Artist life.  Eric, quite frankly ( don't mean to ad snow here) is a MASTER at showing artist how to shine!  He is also a master at giving us opportunity to grow.  Meeting this man and his family must say, was a huge gift for this artist!
the first 3k+ miles on my Tahoe
I still remember how embarrassed i was standing in-front of the Marriott in my slippers repacking my absolutely PACKED Tahoe that was covered with road grime! Alas, I digress... lets just say, it all turned into a GIFT and blessing... and continues to do so.
Eric's Tripod, and Artist demo's at Expo
Because of that, I simply want to share the GIFTS with others too.  The new DVD Boot Camp II is my date this weekend (it just arrived. All in fun, but a great work date). I did watch a lot of it LIVE at the convention. The pages of notes from the convention, literally fill a book... ALSO the experts that Eric shares with us in all the different fields... frankly is priceless.
I hope to be applying these gifts of knowledge over the next year of this Artist life and all the endeavors before me.  I had NO IDEA how much my road trip was going to open up.  Telling the story has only just begun, along with the images to come.
Along with the Boot Camp in the morning before the convention began... in the hall before you entered the convention was the Expo.  It too is priceless!  Why, because you get to see, and touch, and discuss with Artist and Professionals Multiple Materials of our trade.  As much as we learned, we also had silly FUN and even WON stuff!

FUN and even WON stuff! Morgan Samuel Price with Eric Rhoads
I won Ray Mar Linen Panels! I also purchased more while there, and some new wet panel carriers for multiple sizes also made by RayMar.  The vender list is LONG and don't want to leave anyone out.  I found my beloved STRADA easel while here and met its creator and fabulous artist Bryan Mark Taylor. Refurbished my supply of beloved Rosemary & Co. brushes, my favorite Long Mongoose Flats... and picked up more Gamsol. Also picked up supplies from Judson's who supplied me with my very first Plein Air Painting gear, of which parts of it I still rely.  Like the Turp carrier, guerrilla view finder etc.  MORE on all of these in another post. Framers, met Randy Higbee who does so much both framing and promoting Fine Artist too. Can not fit all into one.  The EXPO is a part of the GIFT of the PACE and can not encourage you enough to attend.  This year Eric is adding Watercolor and Pastels too.  Something for everyone.  I have to say, I am not one that usually heads to a crowd, I usually run the other way.  THIS is one crowd you want to run, fly, drive to though as an Artist, if you at all can! VIDEO FROM PACE2

Jeremy Lipking demo PACE2
 if you don't learn something watching these Artist paint... you are not trying!
Jeremy Lipking demo PACE2


 Timothy Tien, Zhaoming Wu

Scott Christensen en plein air at PACEII
Kathleen Dunphy and Don Demers

Alexey Steele PACE2 & Asilomar

my view as attempted my first Plein Air in California at Asilomar  Painting along side Kathleen Dunphy who just met there, and Don Demers who know from getting to paint with him in Florida... while off in the distance is Alexey Steele and Scott Christensen.  This/these HARDLY touching on all experienced... this just one WINDY afternoon while there.

 The NEW and OLD connects.  Ned who originally met when lived in Washington state and the New of many, Shelby Keefe,  along with Richard Robinson who traveled i think the furthest! All the way from New Zealand!

Shelby Keefe and Karen Hitt PACE2
Ned Muller and K Hitt PACE2

one of my favorite presentations while there, i signed up for a beginner session, though not a beginner, I was here to learn all possible, and EVERYTHING that i did while here, learned something new...  I believe Lori Putnam showing how to apply the Notan of an image in the compositional stage is the most used of all learned while there. Things myself have taught, and seeing her application just spoke volumes...

Lori Putnam presentation with Notan & Comp. at PACE2
adding to this.... WAY WAY WAY way down the road, about 7K+ later... when I found myself staying at Leipers Fork TN, Lori was kind enough to share where some of her favorite painting areas were.
Another two Highlight for me was when Don Demers and Eric presented John Stobart with a life time achievement award. Mr Stobart has more wonderful tales to tell than fit into one lifetime award.  He was plein air before it was ever called plein air.  I cried tears of laughter when he shared how a cow, licked his painting clean when he got up for water.
Another Lifetime Achievement Award to Mian Situ Presented by B. Eric Rhoads and Elaine Adams of American Legacy Fine Arts and the Special Presentation by Mian Situ 

 ALL that was able to do on this journey a GIFT.  This just Gift ONE....  The Plein Air Convention.

Closing PACE2 with Steve Doherty & Eric Rhoades

Gift 2. Publisher Invitational in the Adirondacks and my Palette Garage that i won.  Its hard to say what was the favorite part of the Grace Love Fellowship Tour; must say that the Publishers Invitational was a TOP HIGHLIGHT.  More details on all experienced here will be the NEXT entry, plus more on my actual palette as paint, and the warm and the cool of that... along with details of the extraordinary GIFT that Paint Camp in the Adirondacks is.  Registration is NOW open ... there are a FEW places left open... another event that can not recommend enough.  More on this and palette at my next post....

Gift 3. Exhibits across the USA  was blessed to see exhibits from WA, CA to VT,  MA, NY, just to name a few, Fetchin, Zorn, Sargent, Rembrandt, Wyeth's, Rockwell, Homer, Hudson River School.... again just to share a few... Greatest ART lessons an artists could hope for is available to us in this wonderful land we live in.  Your homework assignment ALWAYS is to visit the museums or exhibits in your area and view the paintings LIVE.  Reproductions never pay them true justice.  Though I took HUNDREDS of photographs at the exhibits... right down to the brush strokes... the forever forged memory they are on my mind... priceless information....  a post in its self, and also a presentation series to come down the road too. 
Gift 4. The Landmarks & Parks across the USA  ...its official, IF i could run away to ZION i am there!!!!!  NOT enough time there on this 21k+ journey, and so hope to return there sooner than later to spend more time painting the virgin river and all around her.  I purchased a national Parks Pass while out on the road... and plan to continue using one for many years to come.  I visited everywhere from the Sequoia's Pacific Coast Hwy and Big Sir, Canyon lands of the west, Grand Canyons, Bryce, Black Canyon, Gorges.... all thru the west felt like I was in a John Wayne Movie, then on thru the Rockies, and San Juans, stretching all the way to the Acadia in Maine on down to the Smokey's too... and many a stop along the way.  Literally drove 15k+ miles across this great land in my trusty 4 room Tahoe...  I will give some of my learned along the way survival tips as a single 50ish something women traveling solo across the usa and camping and bartering along with B&B's all along the way.  OH the tales of people and places to tell.

Simply know that Exceedingly MORE than I could imagine met me all along the way!

so more on all of these in the upcoming post, from the Grace Love Fellowship Tour as it continues, now that am back off the road.  Still working, and picking bits and pieces of the pioneer sides of the tale to tell... that all culminates to the "At That Moment..." Exhibit.
In a way to share the tale, plan to share at minimum two new paintings a month up to the Exhibit.  Hope that you will enjoy the journey as much as i did, and the sharing of these GIFTS along the way! You may also request to be my friend at FB and see more day to day too.... once again, thanks for being a part.

And last but not least... if you wish to start the season with me here in Venice FL, have a workshop at the end of the week that starts at the Foundation of every good work of art: DRAWING... there are still a couple spots open so would love to see you there too...
more on all of my workshops and upcoming classes click here

Asilomar Wind And Surf Sketch - K Hitt


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