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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Its SUMMER in Paradise...
from Mirmar State Park in MO
and here that tends to mean, NOT outside enjoying plein air, unless you are on an extended ROAD trip...  I am currently working on my Sea Venice Turtle, that hope to turn in on the 29th..., a mural that am behind on... and several other NEED to of had done yesterday projects.  Summer here in Paradise, tends to also be time to CATCH UP on all that though the best intentions, simply are not done.  In the spirit of ROAD trip that my Tahoe is aching to partake of with me...  here are a few landscape paintings from a bit back, that my LAST road trip inspired.  That trip produce a solo exhibit entitled ...The Road Less Traveled.  The pre-requisite for the route, preferably not a huge interstate...  the Trip began, from a coffee table book, that you all might have seen before."Readers Digest- The Most Scenic Drives In America"  I found myself NOT where had hoped to be, when this book presented itself before my eyes.  The original plan was to be painting the wildflowers in the mountains out west.  Duty called me to MO instead.  It ended up being a most wonderful adventure, for I had never explored the central states, and notably the Ozarks, and the working spring mills before.  So I asked to borrow the book, and off i went, the Tahoe a fine 4 room moving studio.  Loved it... hope you enjoy some of the final art from the trip.  Many were completed from field sketches back in the studio.
from along side of a dirt  road


this painting was a part of 'Paint The Parks' exhibit
fine art cards or giclee available

For now back to my BB Paradise... Sea Venice Turtle to help with their fund raiser... and my VERY long to do list.  The sooner all of these are done... the sooner that the next Road Trip may begin. Perhaps on  my NEXT road trip, I will take Bonnie Blu the lit'l rescue studio watch dog with me... we will see. Do think that the next trip just may be to the mountain wildflowers, or maybe the coast of Maine, or all of the North East or or or... Alaska in on the bucket list too...  SO.... much to do and explore.  Ok back to BB Paradise fundraiser for the Venice Art Center; thank you God that its so beautiful here too.  Click on any of these images to enlarge them, and if you have any questions on any of them send me an email


Anita said...

Love the review of your road trip Karen. The last landscape in the grotto is my favorite.

Anita said...

I love the review of your road trip K. My favorite is the last one that was painted in the grotto. I remember when you brought that to class.