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Friday, November 4, 2011

New Event, Plein Air MAPs & Workshops for this year

See my Instruction Page above for Workshops available this season. One starts in less than two weeks.  Also I will be a special guest Artist at a New event coming up at VAC on November 10th. Should be fun for all... Get your tickets early and save money.  Should be a great evening to support the Arts and enjoy Fine Wine, Fine Food and Fine Art. Hope to see you there!
VAC Wine Tasting: Fine Art, Fine Wine, Fine Food  
Reflections At Fort Desota - Plien Air Oil - K. Hitt 
Reflections At Fort Desota - Plein Air Oil - K. Hitt - copy right All rights reserved
PLEIN AIR HAT time to share VPA as in Venice Plein Air and our MAPs as in Meet And Paint.  Creating a new page here, and also it will be posted at PAF, Plein Air Florida for those of you in the area that enjoy painting en Plein Air with others.  Goal is for Three Mondays and One Saturday each month for VPA to have a MAP. Holiday's and schedules sometimes interfere.... but visit PleinAirFlorida.org and on their calendar is a list of all the plein air groups painting in Florida.  Another wonderful group here is led by Terry Mason named PASC.  They meet on Thurs. morning.  Check back by the end of the week for the page being added here dedicated to VPA and MAPS. Our first MAP will be at good ole Casperson's Beach, and our next after that at the beloved Myakka State Park.  Stay tuned.  again, exact dates and times soon to follow.
in the meantime, here are some plein air views of reflective light.
Myakka Morning - Plein Air Oil - K. Hitt. Copyright all rights reserved

Myakka Gold - Plein Air Oil - K.Hitt. Copyright all rights reserved
Many times one of my favorite subjects to paint is reflective light. That amazing warm glow that blankets the land and changes the view completely by its qualities taking hold of the ordinary, plain, dull even. Admiration of the light on a clump of Ponderosa Pines began this morning. In His Light... Before The Dawn began today with the appreciation of Light, and the difference it makes, and the difference of our perspective when we view it and share what that view makes

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