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May it be an UP day! k

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another First On Monday

Oil  By K. Hitt Copy right 2011
The Big Bad Rain Monster - Page 4 sample Illustration 

Monday was a working 'hooky' day and thoroughly enjoyed it, dare I  confess. Just had to get out of the studio. So, it started with instructing a 4 hour semi-private painting lesson to two very talented students, then lunch and headed to one of my favorite local spots to paint plein air.  Was at the same location the heading photo for this blog was taken.  Beautiful day, Scenes, LOVED the back lite lighting on the palms that came with the sunset. Great clouds just enough to add fabulous color to the sky....  SAD truth though, had another first at plein air yesterday too..... I completely WIPED OUT my Painting!  Heard of and have seen others do so before.  The eternal optimist that I am never had before, though have painted some down right BAD plein air paintings. Always held onto the thought in the back of my head that could tweek them out to work, in the studio at a later time. Well not this time... and decided this piece of linen was worthy of a far better painting.... and scraped the hours of work away.  Must say, though sad... VERY FREEING MOMENT to say the least. From there packed up my paints and walked all through the park refreshing my memory of all the things that I have always loved about it.  So NO fresh paint plein air to share... but still a learning day of plein air and the joy of watching the effects of light blanket the view.

So instead will share a sampling of upcoming Children's Book that am illustrating. "The Big Bad Rain Monster" should be available SOON. The other two that am illustrating are due to publish in February. Not permitted to share those images just yet. They are part of a wonderful new series coming soon.

So back to my in studio easel for the rest of the week.  Then Saturday yeah, another shot at plein air. VPA has a MAP.   More info on that can be found at VPA blog

May it be an UP day!  K

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