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Monday, February 25, 2013


Ok, JUST about done unpacking my Tahoe from the weekend show.  THANK YOU to ALL that came to show your support!  What's happening this week Out and About:
Two classes, and Two Shows!  
One class is filled, think there are just a few spots open in the: .
#616A -Portrait Painting: Emphasis on Children from photographs- All Mediums Refresher Course
Feb 28    Thursday  12:30-5:30pm
How do you capture that little face you love? Children’s expressions are genuine... and a great joy to capture in art. Though the fundamental of all portraits will be discussed... advancing in how to achieve beyond an accurate depiction of the color of the eyes and hair will be explored; matched with learning how to add greater expression and personality to all of your portrait work. Come explore the possibilities, open to all mediums.for more info call the Venice Art Center at 941.485.7136

Two Shows One Group:
Light Chasers 2nd Annual  
& Light Chasers Plein Air Event
click on either image to enlarge and for more details.
I am so looking forward to getting out and Plein Air Painting Tuesday And Wednesday for this show.  The wet paintings by all the artist will be turned in at 10am Thursday Morning to be put on display at the garden of Art Center SarasotaThe Gala for the Two shows begins at 5 pm on Thurday Feb. 28th.  Morgan Samuel Price is the Judge.  She and five others will be in a show for Light Chasers on March 1st.

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