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May it be an UP day! k

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Elli & Henry... Anew
Shades of Magnolia view
Meant as a casual reflection of visits with Grandma, where no shoes are required... and there is always time to rest is the shade of the Magnolia after giving it a good climb.

apologize for the poor quality photos... just from my camera phone.  More to come that reflect the colors and details a bit better.


Long days and am still married to my easel and illustrations of late.  Literally painting a montster in the sky just now. Can's wait until the illustrations can be shared. The subject matter has been  A little toooooooo  close to home- as the setting is the Hamptons.  Just so happens the Author of one of  the picture books that am illustrating lives in  The Bahamas, and is originally from New York, where much family time is spent with her grandchildren and family in the Hamptons.

May we keep them, and all in our hearts and prayers, as the rebuilding of so many areas after Irene will be a part of their today's for a long time.

May it be an UP day.!


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