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Friday, May 13, 2011


Its time to get ready for our new season ahead now isn't it!  This is a very new season for me as a first since 1998 that I will not teach summer classes for children at the VAC.  The reason still is a focus on children though.  I have taken on an assignment to design and illustrate a children's picture book this summer.  Keep an eye on this blog for updates on images from this endeavor. The author and I are still finalizing the storyboard ...then the paintings will begin.

Currently though, one of the paintings on my easel is of a favorite subject: the gaze of a child.  This precious young man is peering out the window as they are about to embark on a journey to dad's homeland.
The expressions of children are so genuine, and I just love trying to capture them.  As they peer fearlessly and curiously out on to their next adventure
These are photos of the drawing stage of this painting.  As it progresses will share here too.

As to adult students asking about summer workshops.... SOON will post here what dates are available for that.  Travels to the authors homeland have my workshop schedule a bit up in the air.  Please just either follow this post, or check back in, and as soon as I can put down in ink the dates, will post them here too. I am still available on Wednesdays for private or semi-private lessons at the gallery.  Reservation with me are required for that, but as long as I am here would love to paint or draw with you. You may email me for more info if interested.

Hope that all have enjoyed thier spring... and are looking forward to the season ahead.  I know that I am.
May it be an UP day!

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re-posted... because link was broken with blogspot. Now the post from the 11th is back... so there you go. Such a great new season... its POSTED TWICE :0)