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Monday, July 13, 2009

Commissions In The Studio Continue...

This is a fun portrait just completed of twin brothers playing at their favorite park. It is a 20x24 Oil on Linen "Boys Exploring All The Ins And Outs Together"

Look forward to sharing another in the works of two more brothers playing in the surf at the gulf. It is a major 30x40 portrait... that due to shoulder injury am way way way behind on... but am determined to complete this summer.

Do look forward to also painting some of the glorious blooms that abound both at the beaches and inland.

Summer classes are in full swing too at the VAC... links are to the right.

Hope you enjoy these ever exploring twins...

as much as I do. Am Ever thankful for such fun commission... look forward to sharing the next real soon. Also will be great if your are able to join me in the classroom too-

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