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May it be an UP day! k

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Trip out for the Workshop on the "Forgotten Coast" was a moms day gift and b-day too. We will not mention which one. The joy in this Mothers Day felt like a 1st grader again. The 1st day of a workshop refreshed, encouraged, discouraged, humbling while enabling... In the aspect of 1st grade where all the fundamentals to learn open up a whole new world. Good news in the humbling side of "wow, so much to learn" is just that... There is ALWAYS more to learn... And that I am not done yet! When you stop learning... You stop growing. So much to see... So much more to know. So thankful that on Moms Day got to be the kid.. And that this instructor got to go back to the 1st grade.

The images shared here are from the last time visited this coast. It was shortly after the hurricane had gone through. This is a pastel from what was witnessed then... "Sapped In A Snap". The pastel is on display in downtown Venice at the Back Eddie Bistro, on Miami Ave as part of the Venice Art Center Sattelite Exhibits. There are also 5 other large scale landscapes on display there too...

Once back in Venice hope to get a new image on display from the Forgotten Coast. It is beautiful up here. Simply beautiful with something amazing visually to paint in every direction.

Extended my trip and distance by almost 1000 miles... continuing the travels and moms day experiences. Hope to pass back through the Coast upon my return too. Hope you are enjoy your views too...

AND May it be an UP day- K

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