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May it be an UP day! k

Thursday, April 30, 2009

This Painting "Breath Of Life" is a little different figurative for me and one of my newest. This one being a bit more graphic design in the composition... but enjoyed playing up the high contrast and juxtaposition of the images. A 20x24 Acrylic. Here, the view is once again, still on the easel, is now on display at the Venice Art Center. This painting is my version of Mother and Child...

would love to hear what you think.

Thank you for checking in.

Also, this summer at the Venice Art Center will have a class titled "Add Life to Your Face And Figures" You can sign up now at the Venice Art Center. There link is to the right for more information look under classes, Arcylics, Oils...etc..

Hope its an UP day! k


michelem said...

Nice site, Karen.
Love the mother and child.
Face reminds me of Tara - dreaming are we????


An Original Hitt said...

Hi michele. Thanks for the comment. No not dreaming. Actually one of my students grandauters and great grandson. <3. K

tara said...
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tara said...

better not be!!! but, it is a great picture, like everything you paint.

An Original Hitt said...

Wow... Well for the record was thinking more like THE Mother and Child... As in Mary. See that a picture paints a 1000 words indeed- open to the viewers interpretation... One of the other interesting sides - to say the least. Now seeing too the opening of communication and sharing that this bloging enables